About Me

My office is where my laptop is – and where it connects to high-speed WiFi. In my hometown of Frankfurt, Germany, this used to be mostly at my apartment. But whenever I arrive in a new city, chances are it is at a Starbucks. Which became even more likely when I decided to move to Seattle, where the company that unites all of us urban nomads is headquartered.


What else you might want to know about me …

1. I am a novelist

My first novel, written together with a friend, came out in Germany a few years ago. It was a chick lit novel, and not only was it great fun to write, it also was a wonderful way to explore my then new hometown of Frankfurt. The second novel is currently in the process of being published in German, while I am transferring the story to a US city and rewriting the whole thing in English. Well, and there is an outline for novel number three …

2. I am a blogger
If you have come this far, you have probably figured as much. But up until late last year, I refused to even consider writing a blog. Too personal and everything. Then my friend Mimi and I started our one-year-without-alcohol project in January 2013 – and our joint blog, www.thebettyfordaholics.com, was born. Ever since, I can’t imagine not blogging anymore. It is just the perfect short form for me.

3. I am a big city girl
I grew up in a small town of 20,000 inhabitants (and that includes the villages on municipal territory!), and I remember hating it even as a child. So I defected the day after my last high school exam. I moved around quite a bit in Europe and also relocated to the US before establishing my home base in my favorite German city almost ten years ago. While Frankfurt only has some 700,000 inhabitants, it offers as much international flair as you could ever wish for.

4. I am a fashionista
I love to give the impression of being a sophisticated intellectual who just happens to be a smart dresser too. Which is a very nice self-image, but not entirely true. Being dressed in style is one of my top priorities. So besides drawing heavily on my mother’s stuff ranging back to the 1950s – I call it our Attic Fashion Museum –, I mix cheap and expensive pieces from the big brands with my favorite finds from consignment stores, flea markets and my designer friends’ collections.

5. I am an art lover
Art has become an important element in my life only over the past decade, and I completely owe this new interest to my wonderful and talented friends in Frankfurt, who are part of a very vivid art scene. So on top of visiting modern art museums and trying to see shows of contemporary art at a variety of galleries, I have started to build a small collection of pieces that fascinate me or have a special meaning to me. And I hope to continue building on this initial stock in the future.


Recent publications:

Books in German:

  • Mopsküsse (with Carin Müller)
  • COMING SOON: Wann wenn nicht jetzt

Books in English:

  • COMING 2015: When if not now
  • COMING 2015: Best of Breakfast at Starbucks


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